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The first time I visited this Finnish Island was in the summer of 2005. The island has a circumference of 800 meters and is located in the biggest lake in Finland. The owners spend their summertime in this pure piece of wilderness. It had beauty, peace, nature and shows devotion.

Although they didn’t know me I was warmly welcomed. I noticed a special friendship between two men, a Fin and a Dutchman. They know each other from their twenties.

I became part of the Finnish summer traditions. Like eating fresh and raw green peas. Collecting an incredible lot of wood for the wintertime. Picking blueberries and baking the first blueberry pie of the year. Eating pike and learn how to remove the bones so you can prepare and eat it.

in the summer of 2019 I went to that place for the third time and spent 8 days making pictures for the photographic essay Fish, Food and Friendship

A selection of these pictures you can find on this website.


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